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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your experiences at Elite Foot Care Center. We greatly appreciate your feedback in order to help us improve our services.

Have been to other podiatrist for ingrown toe nails concern and they would trim them, but Dr. Stoller is the only one that recommended a procedure that would correct problem permanently.

My family and I have been treated by Dr. Stoller for the last 2 years for a variety of foot-related issues. He is passionate about foot care and is a compassionate physician. I never knew what “happy feet” felt like until I began seeing Dr. Stoller. As a cancer patient, I have greatly appreciated his concern for my overall well-being as well as my foot needs. He listens intently to understand my pain, respects my point of view, and has provided solutions to my foot care, including custom orthotics which helped correct my gait and alleviate back pain, as well as surgical foot correction for members of my family. I highly recommend Dr. Stoller and have referred friends and associates to his care. Although we have relocated to another state, I and my family make time to see Dr. Stoller for our foot care needs when we are in town. High praise also for the entire staff, who are professional and proficient in their roles!

Dr Stoller has been treating my broken toe – I almost needed to get it pinned but was very lucky. The break didn’t completely snap the bone despite being right at the joint. He has helped me a lot with pain management, fitting my boot, x-rays, and check-ups. I was really worried that I might need surgery but he reassured me and has worked with me to help my toe heal quickly and thoroughly.

Dr Stoller treated my feet recently. He was very friendly, listened to my concerns, and dealt with my problem very efficiently. I have had no more problems but would see him again if needed.

I found Dr. Stoller to be very knowledgeable and caring. He is an excellent podiatrist and the office facilities and staff are wonderful

Dr. Stoller is truly an amazing podiatrist who has a wide array of talents and skills that can eliminate all of your problems on your feet! he worked miracles on me, eliminating a serious fungal infection with ease. he also introduced me to Orthopaedic footwear that has improved my alignment and promoted my cardiovascular circulation. THANKS AGAIN DR. STOLLER!

Thank you so much for treating my heel pain. I am happy to say that I have been pain free for a few months now. It has been so nice to wear any style shoe and have no pain! Thank you again for your expertise and getting me walking without pain!

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