Sports Medicine and Joint Manipulation

Sport injuries require aggressive treatment to allow the athlete to return back to their sport as soon as possible. Certain types of sport injuries you can work through the pain and others, you may need surgery and rest to prevent permanent damage. It is very common for joints in the foot to become partially dislocated/subluxated causing somatic dysfunction. This can be easily treated with manipulative therapy. Call now for a consultation!


Manipulative therapy was created by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, who established the first college of osteopathic medicine in 1892 in Kirskville, Missouri. John Martin Hiss graduated in 1914 from the osteopathic college that Dr Still started and continued his education earning a MD degree from Ohio State University in 1922. Dr Hiss, MD/DO moved to Los Angeles, California in 1931 to practice orthopedic surgery. Dr Hiss collaborated with Dr Still to develop foot and ankle manipulative techniques that has been the cornerstone of manipulative therapy. Rue Tikker, DPM worked with Dr Hiss from 1957 to 1962 in his Los Angeles office mastering his foot and ankle manipulative therapy. David Stoller, DPM trained with Dr Tikker learning his manipulative therapy continuing the legacy. Dr Hiss’s mantra was “the human body, and particularly the foot, is at its most comfortable when it is functioning properly”.